Scruggs Family Tree

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George Washington "Wash" and Harriet Scruggs Family

Could Wash Scruggs ever imagined as he made his way from Greenville, TN to Chattanooga that there would one day be a Scruggs family as we are? Did he ever imagine that six generations later we would tell the stories so that six generations more would know the history, the tradition and the legacy of the Scruggs family?

There is an African proverb that says, “A family tie is like a tree, it can bend, but it cannot break.” No more is this evidenced than by the Scruggs family.

We were bent (many times), but not broken.

While many of us are Scruggs by birth, many of us became Scruggs by choice. The mere number of us, our indomitable spirit, our resiliency and, of course, our good looks show that the Scruggs family is, indeed, the place to be.

Membership has its privileges.

Though we are all grateful and humbled by this legacy, and our past has made us what we are today, we are so much more!


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